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IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is the largest global development institution focused on the private sector in developing countries. We create opportunity for people to escape poverty and improve their lives.We do so by providing financing to help businesses employ more people and supply essential services, by mobilizing capital from others, and by delivering advisory services to ensure sustainable development.

IFC manages the Investment Climate Advisory Services of the World Bank Group which offers client governments a wide range of services to assist them in improving the legal and regulatory frameworks for doing business and attracting investment. Our work focuses on several dimensions: Business regulation, trade logistics, business taxation, investment policy, insolvency, programs in agribusiness, infrastructure and other industries, and public-private dialogue. Improving the investment climate in Sub-Saharan Africa is a strategic priority for the World Bank Group. To further scale up the impact and sustainability of our work, the IFC is recruiting Investment Climate Specialists who will design, implement and monitor investment climate reform programs, coordinate relationships across the World Bank Group, with donors and other external stakeholders, participate in knowledge building and dissemination, and provide guidance to staff and external consultants. IFC recruits:

Country and Regional Program Managers

Zambia, Uganda, Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire, Sierra Leone, Central Africa

Positions based in Lusaka & Kampala Pos.112454; Freetown, Conakry & Abidjan Pos. 112453; Douala Pos. 112452.

Senior/Operations Officers

Agribusiness and Infrastructure

Positions based in Dakar & Nairobi: Agribusiness Pos. 112455 & 112456; Infrastructure Pos. 112457 & 112458.

Regulatory Reform Business Regulation, Debt Resolution, Business Taxation

Positions based in Dakar & Nairobi: Debt Resolution Pos. 112464; Business Regulation Pos. 112461 & 112462; Business Taxation Pos. 112465.

Private-Public Dialogue, Industry Investments, Economics

Positions based in Dakar & Nairobi: Private Public Dialogue Pos. 112468; Industry Investments Pos. 112463; Economists Pos. 112469 & 112470.

Information Technology

Positions based in Nairobi & Dakar or Accra Pos. 112459 & 112460.

All candidates are expected to have an advanced university degree equivalent to a Master’s degree, 5 to 8 or more years of professional experience in an area related to Investment Climate issues, solid experience in their respective field of expertise, and be able to demonstrate strong knowledge about Sub-Saharan Africa.

For detailed job information on these and other positions in Africa, and to apply on-line, please visit the IFC career website at www.ifc.org . Deadline is January 9, 2012.

IFC offers rewarding careers in a global environment. Women are encouraged to apply.


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